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welcome to our multi-d website!

An Essential Vitamin for your Business

What makes us the best choice

We listen, we discuss, we design & develop. We love what we do!

About Us

Corporate Overview

Multi-D is a full service marketing and communication company with a client-centric approach offering a basket of customized and need satisfying media and communication products; offline and online products from printed to interactive and animated media plus marketing & advertising tools.

Multi-D takes the essence of your business and delivers it to a whole new level of importance, unrestrained by convention.

Our Approach
For every project, Multi-D starts with a thorough understanding of your business, your product, the marketplace, your customers, as well as the market trends. A sense of partnership is the foundation of everything we do. We seek to develop an ongoing dialogue that serves your immediate needs and provides the basis for a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. We understand that even the most successful brands need to evolve with changing cultural and consumer preferences.
Result Driven
We assist and support businesses realize significant competitive results through our integrated media tools, Multi-D focuses on results-driven media, designed to strategically meet the needs of our customers. We recognize the need to maintain the positive equity in our clients’ brands and the opportunity to refresh and redefine them to sustain competitiveness.
Success & Growth
We work with our customers to provide focused services that help their businesses succeed and grow. With our top niche products and a mix of multi-channel communication support, we recognize our customers’ passion to excel, to increase their market share and to integrate social and environmental values into their brands.
The IKK Group of Companies
Multi D is a part of — and backed by the power of the IKK Group, a diversified group in terms of products, services and geography operating in the fields of Contracting, Construction, Trading, Manufacturing, Telecommunication and Media services.

Our Services and Solutions

We can help from A to Z...

Sustainability and CSR

Towards its CSR management policy, Multi-D works in harmony with its vision as a company that is trusted by society, by committing to compliance with laws and regulations, and by managing its business in a style that recognizes, respects and promotes social responsibility. Multi-D provides a business sense that is embraced by respect for its stakeholders, health and safety, social contribution and environmental preservation.

As part of its CSR policy, Multi-D transparency policy is well maintained ethically and actively to promote ethical behavior based on the values of honesty, equity and integrity. Multi-D is committed to sustainability. We always strive to minimize our impacts on the environment. Raw materials, energy and other resources are being used efficiently and with environmental concern.


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